Toxic Shock Big Ball Challenge


Space Required 10m L x 3m W x 3.8m H and 1.5m wide access required to access the set up area.

Our new Toxic Shock Big Ball Challenge resembles the Big Baller Obstacle from the Hit TV Show ‘Wipeout’. Bring this exciting challenge to your next event! Bubbling With Energy’s Toxic Shock Big Ball Challenge isn’t only exciting and fun for the participant’s but is a great visual spectacle for spectators.

A series of three inflatable Red Toxic Balls provide a test for your balance, speed and wit. Do you tackle the Big Ball Challenge with speed or does slow and steady win this round? Don’t be worried about falling off the balls the landing is specifically designed to absorb all sorts of awkward falls as the stunt bag catches you.

The obstacle is suitable for all ages and is great for private events, church fetes, team building days, schools and corporate events. We have a range of items that could make a great package for your next event.