Toxic Dual Lane Inflatable Slide Hire


Built from the bottom-up with safety first in mind, we built extreme fun into this brilliant, eye-catching unit for your thrill-seeking kids. Grab a friend and have a seat atop our safety-compliant slide platform (only 3.0m from the ground). Race down the vertical plunge to the roomy, barrier landing.

The Dual Lane Slide provides kids with an adrenaline kick they’ve never felt before as they plunge down the lanes. Firstly, children climb one at a time up the central climbing ladder. Secondly, they can choose to go left or right down the lanes. Exits to the inflatable are at either side to ensure the traffic flows continuously. This is the perfect unit for large parties and medium-large events that want a larger number of patrons to have a turn.

Customers have hired this inflatable slide at schools, churches, basketball courts, local halls, corporate events, sports presentation days and many more.

Safety features include netting to prevent children from jumping from the top, high inflatable sides, safety bumper at the foot, and a constant flow layout.

We just require direct vehicle access to the set up area. If you don’t have the minimum access please contact us to discuss alternatives.

Space required
L:10m x W:7 x H:6.5m

Power required
Standard power supply.