Toxic Bungee Run Hire


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Hire the Bungee Run Inflatable from Smack Amusements and you are sure to give everyone, from those who compete to those who stand by and watch, a fun-filled day.

So what fun is there to be had? Two people take a place in their chosen lane and are handed a marker. The aim of the game is to run as fast and as far as you can, placing your marker in the centre of the inflatable. Whoever gets the furthest wins. But there is a twist; The participants will have a safety belt strapped to their waist, which itself is attached to the back of the inflatable using bungee cords. So just as they relax after reaching the furthest they can, the bungee cords, having been stretched, will pull them back to where they started.

You are in for some real fun and laughter with the Toxic Bungee Run whether you are taking part or standing by, watching and waiting for the inevitable to happen.

Just remember, the further you run, the further you have to fall back!

The Bungee Run Inflatable is available to hire for a variety of events, so you can hire this fantastic inflatable for your family funday, private party or team building event.

Equipment Included with Toxic Bungee Run Inflatable Hire:

•1 x Toxic Inflatable Bungee Run (Twin Lane)
•2 x Markers
•2 x Bungee Belts
•1 x Safety Mats
•Power Leads
•Blower/Fan to Inflate (Power Required, can be run off a genarator if required)

  • Operational Area Required: W 3.3m X L 12.1m X H 2.4m
  • Recommended Installation Time Required: 3o to 45 min
  • Power: standard 10amp socket (Can be run off a genarator if required))
  • Staff: Adult supervision required, trained staff available if required
  • Number Of Users: 2
  • Socks MUST be worn
  • Recommended Age of Users: 6 years and over