Chair O Plane – Chair Swing Ride



Swinging chair ride hire Brisbane

This brand new Swinging Chairs set up is a great addition to your event. The swinging chair ride has adjustable speed, kids fly around in circles experiencing something completely new to them. With its modest size, it is appropriate for the smaller children too. All of our rides must be operated by our experienced supervisor.

The idea of a swinging chair ride has been around since 1908 in USA. The famous Chair-O-Planes were first used in Germany over 40 years ago. A few years later, portable units were developed, allowing companies like us to bring mechanical, carnival fun to your amazing events! We often hire out our swinging chair ride to school events, corporate events, family fun days, council events and community days. Our carnival rides always book out well in advance, so be sure to plan early for your event and book them in soon.

Lastly, if the Swinging Chairs is out of your budget, be sure to check out our incredible range of inflatables. They’re bigger, much lower in cost, easy to set up, and the most exciting form of modern event entertainment.