Battle Gear 3 Twin Driving Arcade Machine Hire




Battle Gear 3 is a racing game. The twin arcade machine lets two players go head-to-head on the game's 14 courses.

The player may choose a car from any of the 6 main Japan manufacturers - Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Subaru.

Car are place in class categories A, B, C, D and S. The cars are real car models and players can view the specs of each car such as dimension, weight, engine.

The player can race there choosen car on any of the courses offered by the game.

The major improvement made to the series is in the level of competition.

As with most of the latest major games Battle Gear sports a player access card system, but with a twist.

Instead of using a card, this game uses a key pictured in the screenshots section.

Each player's key is imprinted with an unique number, this allows the player's preferences and stats to be stored and retrieve no matter which arcade they play at.

Taito's network system for this game is called "NESYS" or taito Net Entry System.

This system not only allows head to head competition in the same arcade but players from arcade across town or across the country can play head to head in real time.

There are 33 different car models from 6 manufacturers, each with its own unique car handling characteristics.

The game also features 14 courses which are suitable for novices and professionals alike.