Air / Sky Dancer Hire – Yellow


Sky dancers & air dancers are an innovative, eye-catching way to set yourself apart from the rest and attract the attention of passers-by. If you have a store opening, major sale day or want to increase foot traffic. There’s no better way to attract attention than a giant 6 metre high sky dancer figure, waving from across the street!


Smack Amusements can help your business, event or fundraiser gain people’s attention, attract them towards and get people engaged with your offer. People drive past the word’s ‘SALE’ every day, but a giant inflatable tube man with a crazy, friendly wave will always achieve a double take. Call Smack Amusements today for our Sky dancer hire!

Want a wild, wacky and wonderful way to get customers walking in the door? The Sky Dancer allure will enchant any passer-by. Who could resist the rhythmic dance moves of the Air Dancer. With a friendly wave, people will surely follow the inflatable tube man and his wave. To hire your own Sky Dancer for your event, Call 0405 277 428