60 Game Cocktail/Sit Down Classic Arcade Machine Hire


This Ultimate Deluxe Arcade Machine is custom made here in Australia hand built to exceptional quality. Relive those Classic Arcade moments with one of our new age 60 game cocktail cabinet machines:

    • 2 player control configuration
    • Hardened glass tops
    • Huge 19″ screen LCD Monitor giving perfect picture quality
    • Keeping it old school with classic games you love like PACMAN, DONKEY KONG, GALAGA, DIG DUG, FROGGER and lots more


Ms Pac-ManGalagaFrogger
Donkey KongDonkey Kong JuniorDonkey Kong 3
GalaxianDig DugCrush Roller
Mr. DoSpace InvadersPac Man
Galaga 3GyrussTank Battalion
1942Lady BugBurger Time
JR PacmanPengoPhoenix
Time PilotSuper CobraHustler
Space PanicSuper BreakoutNew Rally X
ArkanoidQixJuno First
XeviousMr. Do’s CastleMoon Cresta
Pinball ActionScrambleSuper Pacman
Bomb JackShao-Lin’s RoadKing & Balloon
1943Van-Van CarPacman Plus
Dig Dug 2ZaxxonPooyan
PleiadsGun SmokeThe End
1943 KaiCongo BongoJumping Jack
AmidarMs Pac-Man (fast mode)Pac-Man (fast mode)
Galaga (fast fire mode)Jr Pac-Man (fast mode)Pac-Man Plus (fast mode)